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About     On-Site Managers

Eugenia Esposito and Mirko Marinelli are both business partners in GEV as well as on site managers.  Both partners lived, worked and studied abroad.  Ms. Esposito is an Italian-American citizen, she was born in Rosario, Argentina into an old, established Argentine-Italian family with a long history of artists and entrepreneurs, most of whom have followed their chosen paths to distant parts of the world. In 1995, she moved to California to immerse herself in another culture where she eventually completed her bachelor’s degree in business at Pepperdine University and worked for several years in the fields of advertising, marketing, private and public education. Ms. Esposito worked at Pepperdine’s student recruitment office as the supervisor of the advertising and marketing department. Driven by her interest in nature and art she later completed a Master in Landscape Architecture degree at California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, during this time she completed a semester abroad in Italy.


Ms. Esposito worked in several important environmental and urban restoration projects, collaborating with important governmental agencies, foundations, environmental groups and local community.  She is fluent in three languages and has traveled extensively throughout United States, Latin America and Europe.

Living, studying and working abroad, Eugenia experienced landscapes as intrinsic to her life as family, culture and history, thus enhancing her appreciation and understanding of diverse people and cultures. Eugenia lives in Fano, Italy where in addition to managing GEV, she continues to work as an artist and part-time art design teacher  (www.eugeniaesposito.com) Ms. Esposito is closely involved with cultural, artistic and social events within the Pesaro-Urbino area.  Additionally she works closely with several environmental agencies for the protection and preservation of public land.


Mirko Marinelli, an Italian citizen, studied and worked on the East coast of the U.S. and then transferred to California, where he completed his degree in Business Administration at AIU in 1995.

Mr. Marinelli travels extensively throughout the United States, Central America, Eastern and Western Europe establishing important contacts for the continued growth and international presence of family affairs. Within Italy, Mr. Marinelli works with an extensive business network of professionals and organizations, including one of the most active and well-known architecture firms of the Marche Region.

Mr. Marinelli interacts daily with local and regional government officials, since he is the partner of a large, well-known family business, ISA Infissi (www.isaspa.eu) that designs, builds and installs commercial building glass-facades throughout Italy.

Among Mr. Marinelli’s network are important well-established industries that design and manufacture high design furniture, other industries include the large boating industry where world-class yachts such as Wally and Persing are designed assembled and distributed globally from Fano. 
Mr. Marinelli is also an active member of Regione Marches Industrial and commercial association.

Mr. Marinelli and Ms. Esposito are actively involved with local agricultural businesses, in particular a new local winery managed by young professionals funded by the region.

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Urbino study abroad is a trans-formative experience. Immersing themselves in the Italian culture for a three month period of time allows students to become more profoundly effected by the experience. Students establish lifelong friendships with students from all over Europe as they interact with the population at University of Urbino. They learn about cultural and societal differences and similarities, as well as the Italian mindset of living a good life.

This rich learning experience helps prepare participants for entering their professions, as well as expanding their horizons in a broader sense. To travel is to life... and learn.
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