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About     Visitors

GEV welcomes visits from directives, faculty and students of world-wide universities, or other higher learning institutions. We encourage these visits, especially if you are planning to bring your students to Urbino for a semester abroad.

Visiting the facilities, touring the historic city and the surrounding area will provide you with a first hand experience that will eventually help in proposing the program to the students.

If you are interested in planning a visit we request that you contact us well in advance so that we may prepare for all appropriate arrangements and meetings.

For visits it is best you contact us via email: info@gevitaly.com

A presto!
Urbino study abroad is a trans-formative experience. Immersing themselves in the Italian culture for a three month period of time allows students to become more profoundly effected by the experience. Students establish lifelong friendships with students from all over Europe as they interact with the population at University of Urbino. They learn about cultural and societal differences and similarities, as well as the Italian mindset of living a good life.

This rich learning experience helps prepare participants for entering their professions, as well as expanding their horizons in a broader sense. To travel is to life... and learn.
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Global Education Ventures
via Risorgimento, 8/B
61032 Fano (PU) Italy
Global Education Ventures
c/o Collegio Aquilone
via dei cappuccini, 15
61029 Urbino (PU) Italy

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